Royal Baby Number 2

8 September 2014

By Yasmine

brace yourselves


Brace yourselves, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are to become parents again, leaving poor Harry fifth inline to the throne.

Yes, the time has come again folks, as Kate has announced she is with child. The bookies are already on the ball and have placed equal odds of Middleton having a boy or a girl.

Kate is being treated for severe morning sickness at Kensington Palace, unlike her first pregnancy with George, where she had to be admitted into hospital and was forced to tell the world her news earlier than expected.

What to expect over the next seven to eight months…

  • Outrageous headlines such as ‘Royal Baby to Stop Scotland Leaving?’
  • Idiotic TV interviews showing reporters asking very random members of the British public what they think about the glorious news
  • Cringe-worthy baby clothing with crowns and ‘Prince’ or ‘Princess’ planted all over them
  • Pictures of Kate’s stomach
  • And last but not least… memes like this…

royal baby 2




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