Rumble in the Jungle

11 August 2015

By Vincent

Yesterday, six alleged tiger poachers were killed in a shoot-out with the Bangladeshi police.

The police found three tiger pelts on the poachers which looked fresh. The Bengal Tiger is an extremely rare breed of large cat which is native to the tropical Sundarbans in south east Bangladesh and on IUCN red list listed as ‘Endangered’, which means there is a high risk of extinction in the wild. In a recent survey it was found that there were only over 100 wild Bengal tigers living in the area which was a huge decrease from the 440 animals living in the wild 10 years ago. Experts say the reason for the huge drop in numbers is due to poachers.

The shoot-out was near a police hideout in the Mangrove forest of Bangladesh. The gun fight lasted for 15-20 minutes, during which all of the poachers were killed. Afterwards, the police seized five guns, ammunition and three tiger pelts that were about a week old.

However, local media were doubtful of the police’s version of events. The media suspected that the poachers had already been arrested before being shot dead.

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