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20 March 2015

By NEBeep

Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon were sacked after unacceptable comments towards a contestant on New Zealand’s X-Factor on Sunday night’s live show. The pair were sacked by broadcaster TV3 after tearing into singer Joe Irvine with their abusive comments. However yesterday they released a statement apologising for their outrageous comments. The statements were made on Twitter saying

“The show encourages judges to be forthright and highly opinionated. It went too far and I never intended to single anyone out.

“I wish the contestants, crew, and particularly Joe, all the best. With love, Willy Moon.”

After Joe Irvine performed his version of Michael Buble’s ‘Cry me a River’ Natalia said Joe had copied off her husband and had no originality, she then went on to say,  “You’re a laughing stock. It’s cheesy, it’s disgusting. I personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious.”


joe irving

Despite the unwanted and disrespectful comments from the judges Joe still managed to find him self progressing to the next round and received a motivational tweet from Ed Sheeran.



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