Here at B**p, we are absolutely baffled by Vanity Fair’s decision to declare Samantha Cameron as the best dressed woman… in the world!

Perhaps she is the best dressed woman in number 10 Downing Street, but the world?! Really?!

Surely the title of world’s most best dressed woman should be awarded to someone who… you know…is actually fashionable. Someone who has actually made more than just a handful of public appearances, someone who other women have been looking to for fashion advice for at least a few years and who has actually been mentioned in the past with regards to fashion.

The first most people will have heard about Sam Cam’s apparent fashion sense has come today, as she beats popular style icons Michelle Obama and Taylor Swift on Vanity Fair’s list. The decision just seems totally out of blue, as when most people think of high end fashion and savvy style, the Prime Minister’s wife is usually not the first person to come to mind. In fact, we would go as far to say that her style is mediocre at best.

We don’t usually scrutinise people’s appearances, but now that Sam Cam is in the spotlight for her ‘wonderful’ clothes, it seems like it’s something that all readers of Vanity Fair must do.

In comparison to Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and Rihanna, who all continue to stun us with their flawless styles and clear fashion senses, Samantha Cameron is not even worthy to compete. It’s like comparing a majestic soaring eagle to a pigeon, or a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster to a unicycle.

And so we must ask ourselves many questions: has Vanity Fair been taken over by the Tories? Have the editors completely lost their mind? Have we been living under a rock and not noticed any media attention given to Sam Cam’s clothes, or does it just not exist…?

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