Savage Suarez

26 June 2014

By Yasmine

Cannibal, Luis Suarez, could be thrown out of the World Cup after FIFA have officially charged him with biting Italy player, Giorgio Chiellni on the shoulder. The Uruguay player, turned Rottweiler and bit the innocent Italian player for no apparent reason but Suarez claimed that he bumped into Chiellni’s shoulder.

Suarez pretended to fall down like a sack of potatoes, while Chiellni rolled around on the floor in pain from the unprovoked attack. This isn’t the first time the Liverpool player has been on the naughty step; he dug his teeth into Otman Bakkal back in 2010 and Chelsea player, Branislov Ivanovic, also fell victim to Jaws in 2013 and Suarez was then suspended for ten games because of his actions.

Footballer are supposed to be setting an example but here you have Suarez, throwing his fangs about wherever he goes. If this was an attack in the street, the person would have been arrested for assault! Someone needs to put a muzzle on that guy and QUICK!

But not all is bad for one man in Sweden, he placed a bet with odds of 175 to 1 that the Uruguayan would chew on someone, making him more than £1,200 richer.


Eat them




Suarez muzzle


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