Saw That Coming

The YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater is probably one of the worst ideas ever. It basically sets up hidden cameras around someone’s spouse, then an actor tries to seduce that person’s boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s entrapment in a sense and is incredibly exploitative. But here it makes a fair point.

Well, they got one guy on, who literally started crying on day one.

His suspicions were raised when his girlfriend began to secretively text someone, go out without explanation and um…feminism? His exact words were ‘started to do all this feminism b**p’.

The hired actor began talking to his girlfriend, becoming increasingly flirtatious, then the pair exchanged numbers.

The guy broke down crying.

There are hundreds of videos on the channel with most of them having similar outcomes. The partner being ‘investigated’ falls for the ruse, does something stupid then gets caught. It’s a really weird niche audience.

What a time to be alive.