Secret Diner: Byron

Gateshead’s Metrocentre is expanding its food court, so I had to start somewhere and try one of the restaurants. Byron brands itself as serving ‘proper hamburgers’ and most come with the unique Byron sauce. However, worry not if you’re a vegetarian as their menu also caters for you too.

menu byron

A screen shot of Byron’s menu

Good points:

1. There is a wide variety of burgers to choose from – if you’re a BBQ person, beef person or chicken person, there will be a burger for you. Choice is not a problem.

2. The restaurant is clean and the hygiene is maintained as you can see staff sweeping up the floor once a table becomes free.

3. Service at Byron is quick – there’s no waiting around starving at the table.

Bad points:

1. One thing I noticed was that the restaurant itself is quite small and there isn’t much room for those with pushchairs, meaning that disabled access is probably very difficult.

2. Your burger does not come with sides so you have to order them separately.

3. As you will see below, the value for money is the main negative about Byron.

Customer service 4/5

Staff at the restaurant are very friendly and good at their job. While our waitress was willing to note any preferences we had, the burger we had asked to be plain did not arrive plain and so we had to ask for another one. Other than this, any preferences on how well done the burger should be are met and they did taste delicious.

Value for money 2/5

As I said before, burgers do not come with sides and as they cost about £8-9 on average, it is very pricey for what you actually get. While the food was very nice and I would go there again (maybe after I’d saved up enough first, though), it was nothing groundbreaking in the burger world other than a nice change from its rival companies.

burger byron

Classic chicken burger with chips and onion rings

We suggest

1. The classic chicken burger (see above). Chargrilled chicken with Byron sauce (which is delicious and the company’s equivalent to the Piri Piri sauce at Nando’s) as well as lettuce and tomato.

2. If there is a group of four, only get two portions of chips as they are generous with them and you can easily share them between four.

3. Onion rings at Byron are beautiful. That is all.