Secret Shopper: Primark

Everyone likes a bargain, no shame in that and with people really having to watch their pennies even more so, bargain stores are becoming more and more popular on the high streets. Boasting 250 stores throughout the UK and Europe, Primark is a haven of bargains to shoppers everywhere, but does the shop itself match up to it’s prices? Read on to find out.


Good Points:

  1. The store has a very large range of clothing, from pyjamas to coats and from leggings to socks, all under one roof. It also has a home department in which you can buy towels and blankets etc.
  2. There’s a fitting room on every floor. So there is no need to wander around the shop looking for somewhere to try on the clothes.
  3. The Primark in Newcastle has been recently re-designed and they have added a lot more tills so the lines move faster.


Bad Points:

  1. There were a lot of clothes on the floor (like usual) and many were put on the wrong size hanger so you have to look for the size on the actual label.
  2. People can easily get lost in the store because in the case of the Newcastle shop it is spread out over four floors.
  3. Primark is quite cluttered as they have so much stuff; the rails are too close together so you have to squeeze past them and people just to get what you are looking for.


Customer Service 4.5/5

Our experience was a positive one. Having only waited in the queue for 30 seconds before being served, the employee was very polite and made small talk. She asked me what the weather was like outside and when I told her it was raining she asked if I would like to buy a £1 cotton shopping bag.  This was instead of using a free brown paper-bag, as they don’t last two minutes.


Value for money 3.5 /5

Primark is definitely value for money due to their bargain prices. But you have to be aware of the stitching on the seam of some of the clothes, as these tend to come away easily. You also have to look out for marks on the clothes, especially on white clothing, as many items have been on the floor and are just shoved back on to the rail.


We Suggest:

  1. Vest tops to go under shirts and jumpers for the winter. They are very cheap starting at  £2.50.
  2. False nails from Primark last a good five days with the glue provided. There are many different colours and patterns to choose from and they are  good quality costing £1 a set.
  3. DON’T but leggings from Primark. Yes, they are at a very persuasive price of £3 but let’s take into consideration that they are that see through you may as well walk out of the house in tights. There have been plenty of times where we have had to cover our eyes whilst walking behind someone who has their knickers on show because of their leggings. DON’T let this happen to you.