Hello, fellow travel-lovers!

I’m back with another post full of first-hand tips I picked up on my six-week world tour, and today’s topic is going to be how to make friends when you’re on the road. Having spent six weeks travelling the world on my own, I know how daunting the idea of travelling alone can be – but don’t worry, you’re sure to make friends! Here are my top tips on how I made some amazing friends on my journey.

1. Talk to people!

This might seem like a blatantly obvious one, but it’s also the most crucial. If you don’t actually speak to the people around you, then you’re never going to make new friends. A good place to start is with your room-mates as you’ll probably be spending a lot of time with these people. In fact, I spent almost all my travelling time with room-mates I met in my hostels; after a while they became like family. So if you’re shy, swallow your fear and get chatting!

2. Attend Hostel Activities

Many hostels around the world put on daily or weekly social activities with the intention of getting everyone involved and making the hostel seem a much friendlier place. From backpacker bar crawls, to free meal nights, to city tours and even jelly-wrestling nights – these are great ways of meeting people and making new friends, so don’t hide away in your room; go out and socialise!

3. Be Friendly!

If you want to make lots of new friends, you’ve got to put the effort in and be friendly yourself! A lot of this comes from tip number one, by talking to people and taking an interest in them and their travels and their lives, but it’s also in your body language. Be friendly, smile at people, sit in the common areas, and if someone is asking you what your plans are or what you’re doing tomorrow, why not take a walk on the wild side and invite them along? This was a 100% effective way for me to bond with new people, so try it yourself and share your amazing journey with amazing people.

I hope you all bring back some life-long new friends – good luck and #ShareTheWorld