After a nearly two-year-long wait, Sherlock fans have finally been given a glimpse of the upcoming episode in a trailer that was first aired on Wednesday.

The one-off episode will act as a Christmas special, set in Victorian London. The reason for the sudden shift in era is that directer, Douglas Mackinnon, feels that in order to pull off a truly spooky ghost story, the perfect setting is a must.

However, what the modern audience of Sherlock believe makes the show so special is the fact that it is set today; we’re all familiar with the attitudes, lifestyles and props associated with the 21st century. What’s more is that the show somehow feels more relatable, despite the totally far-fetched storylines and characters.

This Victorian episode may be a positive change and a lesson to us that it’s not always good to ‘stick to what you know’, but after 1 year and 9 months of waiting to continue our journey with Sherlock, our high expectations had better be met.