Shopping at the Baltic

24 January 2014

By Yasmine

Bored of the same old stuff in the shops and looking for something a little different? Then head on down to the Baltic shop on the Gateshead Quayside. While some things are extremely overpriced, there are those quirky, cool and in some cases useful items, which won’t leave a huge hole in your pockets.


The bobino cable buddy comes in small, medium and large. It comes in really handy for USB wires and chargers. All you need to do is simply wrap the wire around your cable buddy and wires won’t get in your way again. The prices range from £1.95-£2.95



The Zap ‘Ems Ketchup Bottle gives a blast of fun and entertainment whilst eating your tea or making your sandwich, James Bond style, for a reasonable £6.95



Morris is a donkey memo holder. Morris doesn’t just hold the memo sheets in his back but he can also hold them in his peg mouth but that not the only thing he can fit in his mouth… he can also hold pens and pencil. Morris can be all yours for just £9.95



The Pit-stop Pizza Cutter will definitely bring joy back into cutting pizzas. The retro car deign with a little man in the driver seat will stop you in your tracks and make you go all out to buy him for a pricey £14.95



The Renarde Ring designed by Andrea Garland isn’t just a ring shaped as a fox but it also opens its jaws to reveal lip balm. The lip balm will leave your lips feeling moisturised, hydrated and smooth but is it worth for £25.00?



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