22 October 2020

By NEBeep

Never one to pass up on artistically addressing issues of a social or political nature, Banksy always stops the streets when his art makes an appearance.

Last night it was Sotheby’s auction house in London that held its bated breath for all of nine minutes while his take on Monet – Show me the Monet went under the hammer. The Bristol-based street artist’s take on Monet’s water lilies sold for £7.5 million after five bidders thrashed it out at the coveted auction house.

Last year Banksy’s Devolved Parliament sold for almost £10 million, making it the most expensive Banksy to sell at auction to date.

Devolved Parliament

Show me the Monet was originally painted in 2005 and is a series of paintings entitled Crude Oil. The collection sees the infamous artist take on world-renowned artists’ work and gives them a make-over with his eclectic style.

Obviously proving quite lucrative for him.

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