Si is the Daddy

17 February 2014

By Lauren E. White

The newest daddy on the block is currently 54-year-old music mogul Simon Cowell after his baby boy was born on Valentine’s Day in New York.

Lauren Silverman, the baby’s mother, divorced her husband last year after the truth emerged that Cowell and her had an affair behind her (now ex) husband’s back, while on The X-Factor judge’s plush yacht. Silverman fell pregnant and now she and Simon are together, now as a threesome with their newborn.


The 6lb 7oz baby had his dad at the birth and was apparently born two weeks premature after Lauren began showing signs of going into labour on Friday. Cowell had previously said he will not be changing nappies, but he does hope that his little lad will take over the business when he’s old enough.

Despite comedian David Walliams who is Simon’s fellow judge on ITV show Britain’s Got Talent has jokingly tweeted: ‘they have named him David Sanitta Louis-Walsh Cowell’ – sorry, David… it’s a no from us and the parents because they’ve named their boy Eric.



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