Signs your Mental Health Might be Worsening

10 October 2020

By Lauren E. White

Here at b**p we have always cared about mental health. One thing we’ve never touched upon, though, is how to tell if your mental health is worsening.

Many of those who suffer from depression and anxiety are able to identify certain ‘triggers’ or ‘signs’ that their mental health might be worsening, and they can consequently speak to the right people before they go over a tipping point. So, what are some of the signs that your mental health may be slipping?

1. Sleep

Sleeping is one of the great indicators of mental health. Are you sleeping more or less than usual? Both can indicate that your mental health might be slightly worsening.

Some people begin having trouble sleeping, and some use sleep to avoid what’s bogging them down or worrying them. If you notice changes in your sleeping patterns, it may be worth doing some self-reflection.

2. You can’t get out of bed

Keeping with the sleep theme, a lot of those with depression and anxiety cite not being able to get out of bed (or finding it to be a monumental effort to do so) as a symptom of weakening mental health.

3. Motivation

One of the biggest symptoms of poor mental health is a lack of motivation for things you once enjoyed.

If you find yourself unable to read, watch TV, listen to music, go for walks and runs, then it’s a sign something might be up. You shoudl reach out to a friend, family member or a professional (phonelines and websites are provided at the bottom of this article).

4. Alcohol intake

Anyone who drinks alcohol knows, generally, how much they can manage and how they usually respond to having a drink.

When your drinking habits and reactions change, it’s sometimes a warning that you might be slipping into a bit of a darker place. It doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic or you go on day-long drinking sessions. It means that you might be drinking a little bit more than you normally would, or you’re reacting differently under the influence than you usually would.

5. You struggle to trust people

Sometimes you might not act out specifically, or deliberately avoid things. You might have a lot of negative thoughts going around in your head, including a suspicion and lack of trust of people – including those you love the most.

A lack of trust in those people can imply that you’re having trouble with your mental health. Make sure you monitor yourself as much as you can, and if you feel able to, reach out to someone.

Remember, your friends, family and society as a whole would much rather you cry on someone’s shoulder than suffer in silence alone. Someone is always there for you somewhere.

Some links that may be helpful if you’re struggling:

Samaritans (free) – Tel: 116 123 &

Re-think –

Young Minds –

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