Single Review: James Blake

3 December 2014

By Lilly

James Blake’s cooks up a fresh batch of musical goodness

London born electronic producer James Blake is set to digitally release his latest single ‘200 press’ on December 8th. The track was only to be produced in a batch of 200, but it will now be made available to the digital masses. The release will be teamed with two new tracks, one a techno tune and the other a poem by Blake himself ‘Words That We Both Know.’

The 26 year old, also known as Harmonimix, is renowned for his eclectic productions ranging from Electronica, R&B to post dub-step and experimental. After being nominated for a mercury award in 2011 for his self-titled debut album, he returned with vengeance and bagged the2013 prize once and for all with his tame and perhaps a little mainstream Overgrown.

Blake now has a Grammy nomination under his belt and after listening to his latest single, the only way is up for the late bedroom-producer. He has injected ‘200 press’ straight in to his electronica and experimental category with its fresh and exciting sound, backing away from the popular scene of his last album into a far more interesting circle of musical madness. The latest mind bending single flaws the boundaries of electronic music as we know it, backing soulful vocals with a grease of R&B, it’s lightly dubbed and decorated with some piercing cow bells- Blake has cooked up a dish of musical goodness.

Feast your ears on the preview here

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