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20 November 2013

By Lauren H

Taking into consideration what made the top five apps on iTunes last week, we give you our countdown of these and their benefits, as well as their disadvantages starting at five today.

So at number 5 is Snapchat. The whole idea of this app is to be able to take a short video or picture and send it as you take it.
You can even personalise the things you share with a caption or by drawing on the image with various colours. Anything you send to contacts can only be viewed for a maximum of 10 seconds and you are able to see when someone has opened your snap. However, there is a new feature called My Story. The point in this is to be able to share a snap with everyone on your contact list, and they are able to view it for up to 24 hours. As with sending a normal snap, you can see who has viewed it and whether or not they have taken a screenshot.
A lot of people enjoy using this app because it allows funny moments to be captured and shared within friendships. Although, one of the worst things about Snapchat is that anyone can screenshot an image and save it to their phone. The app is designed to make people aware of this, in order to make it safer, but there are ways to save a snap in secret. For instance, this can be done by using another image capturing device or by downloading a new app called Snap-Hack Pro. By downloading this app, for £1.49, you can save any snaps to your camera roll without the sender knowing. This is obviously quite a potentially dangerous factor for a lot of people, so please be aware of this.
Overall, I would recommend downloading this app, as it is fun and enjoyable to use, as long as you are careful about what you share and who with.



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