social media

In the modern-day, it feels like there is more and more pressure to join social media. However, despite the interconnectivity, social media might not be worth it for everyone. 


Because of the optional anonymity, many people can become rude or even abusive when they disagree with someone online. Many people have been seriously mentally scarred by the excessive abuse a controversial opinion can boast on the internet. This abuse is not only uncalled for and mentally damaging but also a negative for the people who post the abuse. 

Future Repercussions

On the internet, there is no such thing as forgetting. When applying for a job, university application, or a competition, the people reviewing your application will usually take a look at your social media history. And, if you said one bad thing in the past because you were in a bad mood, or you were just less mature, you probably won’t get the job. 


Social media is very addictive. You can log onto Facebook to just check on a family member and end up four hours later, enviously scrolling through some obscure celebrity’s holiday pics. The same is true for the internet as a whole, but it is especially prominent on social media.


To conclude, when you’re using social media, make sure to not leave insulting comments on someone else’s posts, think about your future before you post anything to the internet, and make sure that you don’t become addicted to social media.