Someone Finally Did It

Microsoft has paid out a massive $10,000 (£7,000) after a settlement over an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade to one Teri Goldstein in California.

We all know the strife of Windows 7 users upgrading to 10 after years of avoiding 8 and 8.1. That face we pulled when that little pop up appeared in the corner of our desktops. You know the face.

giphy (2)

Yeah. That one.

Teri’s work was interrupted whilst working on her Windows 7 computer, which had been running very poorly, due to Microsoft deliberately not releasing newer service updates for its older operating systems.

She was then presented with that irksome pop up:


And promptly refused the update.

However, Windows 10 is like that needy friend who needs somewhere to stay. You refuse the first few times then just accept they’ll live on your sofa.

Microsoft, for a while, had actually been disguising the cancel button as a way for the download to begin. The auto update interrupted Goldstein’s work as a travel agent, and the resulting update rendered her files unusable.

The software and hardware company paid out to Teri, including the cost of a new PC.

There was quite a bit of controversy around the update, as many users reported data tracking, which was hidden in the reams of settings. Plus all of the useless things you can now do with your desktop.

Cortana: Like Siri but a whole lot less applicable on a PC. Where you can type nearly as fast as you talk.

The Start menu: Which is an absolute mess of a word I can’t say. A bunch of useless apps on your Start menu, which you probably already had as desktop icons, or on your toolbar. I mean, Xbox Live stuff? On a PC? I bought a PC to get away from the scrub box not continue to stalk my Gamerscore I haven’t updated in almost a year.

But, this is obviously just another step in Windows’ plan to take over the planet.


Still good to see someone actually… beat Microsoft?