Song of the Day: Bob Dylan

4 May 2015

By Annie

The music industry of today grows ever more unpredictable by each week. Whereas the older generation may complain that today’s charts are all electronic, studio produced beats with a distorted voice laced through the background, it cannot be denied that some old-school stylish musicians are still very much on top of the music scene. My personal music taste fluctuates between mid 1970s Bob Dylan, to early 2000s Missy Elliott. Selecting seven songs proved a hefty task.

Bob Dylan – Hurricane
As a firm lover of Dylan, I have ensured he was featured in my top 7 songs. This album, Desire, is the one that showed me I could truly appreciate country/folk music from the greatest country musician to ever live. My Dad often prompted me to listen to Dylan by steering me towards this song, and eventually it latched onto me. This song tells the whirlwind story of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, a boxer who was wrongly convicted of murder and imprisoned for 2 years. A fast-paced, amazing record.

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