Pop sensation Katy Perry has been quiet for a bit recently, though her personal life hasn’t been. Since the release of her last album Witness, Perry has been a judge on hit TV show American Idol, gotten engaged to Orlando Bloom and released two singles, 365 and Never Really Over.

Perry’s latest single Never Really Over, released on Friday, has managed to capture the attention of fans – and charts – all over the world. The song, which is a fantastic summer tune echoing the work we currently see in the charts as well as Perry’s former Prism and Teenage Dream work, was produced by electropop artist Zedd.

Never Really Over manages to perfectly capture the emotions felt after a significant relationship ends and one’s heart is still sort of caught up on it. “Two years and just like that/ My head still takes me back” is the lyric that says it all in the new track, and one that resonates with so many.

Perhaps the most strikng part of Perry’s new release is the music video in which she floats around a kind of self-help paradise where one can get a bus in order to recover from previous love. It’s full of ’70s hippie vibes and pastel colours and everything that you could possibly think of loving if you love vintage USA.

We love Perry’s new tune so much and it deserves the hype it’s getting. Unlike in her previous album Witness, she has outdone herself. Katy Perry is back again.