Song Review: Lost Kid

The Apache Relay album American Nomad plays host to the fantastically catchy single ‘Lost Kid’ in which feelings of (yes, you guessed it) being lost and then being found are shared.

Alternative music always sparks a notion of pretentiousness within me, but ‘Lost Kid’ has redeemed the genre for me. The strum of the guitar in the first half of the song teamed with the violin in the second half makes the song varied and diverse and a real journey for the ears.

Perhaps the greatest part of ‘Lost Kid’ is its ‘quotability’. We’ve all been in the situation where we feel we’re ‘about to break’ (most of us are probably experiencing it now no thanks to exam season) and then in the next breath that ‘all my life I’ve been waiting for you’. The latter quote may not even be person-specific. All your life you may have been waiting for this one opportunity or goal to be achieved.

If you think that the alternative genre has nothing to offer you, think again. ‘Lost Kid’ is an exception (albeit the only one I’ve found so far…)