From their upcoming album, Get Weird, Love Me Like You was released on September 25th and has only just recently been awarded the radio play it deserves.

The track from Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Jessie Nelson and Leigh-Anne Pinnock is a brand new sound for the Little Mix girls, who won the 2011 X Factor, and have since gone on to sell over 7.5 million records worldwide. An ever-so-catchy repeat of ‘sha-la-la-la’ opens the song and there is an atmosphere of sexy confidence setting in stone the way forward for Love Me Like You.

With an irresistibly retro sound, Little Mix are bringing back something from the 60s and placing it right at the heart of modern British pop culture. There is evidence of perfect progression right the way from pre-chorus to chorus – and, of course, the verses in between. Love Me Like You has also been extremely well-written by (albeit none of the group themselves) Steve Mac, Iain James, Camille Purcell and James Newman, as Love Me Like You‘s booming ‘L-O-V-E’ lyric is the cherry on top of the five-tier cake. While a list of writers that long makes it appear as though the track has the ‘mass produced pop music’ stamp on it, I can assure you it doesn’t sound that way at all.

Love Me Like You simply sounds completely professional, unique and polished with nothing left rough around the edges. Do not mistake it for being the prissy pop song of the moment, or another cheesy girl band song like Wings – the girls have matured and that’s evident in the concept and content of the track.

It is extremely unfortunate that a track so effortless and brilliant peaked at number 21 in the Top 40 and is now at 32. In fact, it’s a disgrace. Love Me Like You, with all of its beat-dropping, festive bells and extraordinary vocals is one of Little Mix’s best pieces of work – it’s not the familiar ‘easy’ kind of pop music you find in amongst Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean? because it is contemporary, fun, flirty and deserves far more credit than it’s getting at the moment.

You can purchase Love Me Like You on iTunes here and watch the music video below: