Sony Launches Most Expensive Walkman Yet

6 January 2015

By Yasmine

Sony have released a new Walkman costing around £950 at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. The Walkman NW-ZX2 can hold up to 256GB of memory and has a 60 hour battery life. The price of the device is still to be confirmed but it is predicted to go on sale at the £950 price mark. It is set to go on sale around Europe in the middle of this year.

The first ever Walkman to go on sale was back in July 1979 which was then a cassette player. Sony have revealed that ‘The new Walkman is a great example of the quality of the hi-res audio, it is tailored for outstanding sound’.

For the price, it better sound like Ed Sheeran is actually performing in the room.

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