Sony’s Poster Boy

Literally, he’s on a huge poster.

As is tradition in the lead-up to E3, people have been spotting giant posters being put up all around LA, where the event is held. First, we had Battlefront 2 taking up three massive walls:

Well, now we have the next anticipated game that will be making an appearance:

It comes as no surprise that the game will be there, considering it was one of the biggest reveals last year. Dad of War stomped onto the scene, and left quite a few questions unanswered. Why is Kratos, literal destroyer of gods, playing daddy day-care to a smaller version of him? Where are they? Who is the kid? So many questions.

Cory Barlog, the director on the project teased that the wait would certainly be worth it, saying, “I promise we will be showing something really awesome when it is ready.”

The game will be set after the third game, with voice actor Christopher Judge filling the boots of T.C. Carson. This will be the first game where Carson hasn’t done the voice work for Kratos. In case you forgot what happened in that brief demo last year, have a look below:

Can you feel that?

You can almost taste the business executives rubbing their hands together at the thought of all those pre-orders.

Because you all just love to ruin the games industry.

We’ll keep you posted on all the E3 happenings!