We’re all used to searching the web and finding some weird and wonderful news stories, but this one is particularly strange – in order to make employees happier at work, and to make them appreciate life more, some companies in South Korea are asking their staff to take part in their own pretend funeral. So, why is this?

Well, South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, with up to 40 of its citizens taking their own life every single day. Even more shockingly, it is the number one cause of death for 10-30 year olds. Research suggests that it is often due to worry over economic problems, or for the elderly, because of a breakdown of the traditional family unit. Employers are therefore desperate to combat this.

At the Hyowon Healing Centre, in Seoul, many people have attended their own mock funeral, at a session that promises to leave them reflecting on the meaning of life. This process consists of writing a letter to loved ones before stepping into their own coffin and lying down, hugging a picture of themselves. Then, a man dressed in all black closes each coffin, representing the Angel of Death.

This is undoubtedly a very shocking and scary experience for all, but Park Chun-woong’s recruitment company believes that it does help, telling the BBC: “Our company has always encouraged employees to change their old ways of thinking, but it was hard to bring about any real difference.” So, by attending these sessions, he thought that “it would completely reset their minds for a completely fresh start in their attitudes.”

What do you think? Is this just a complete waste of time, or could it be the key to combatting South Korea’s high suicide rate?