Today, the 16th June 2016, marks forty years since the start of the Soweto uprising. Here at b**p, we’ve explored some of the issues that lie at the very heart of the uprising. In solidarity with those who lost their lives or their loved ones in the fight against apartheid and the right-wing regime of the National Party, we are honouring the anniversary with a call-to-arms:

Let us strive every day towards a world that is more equal, more peaceful and more just, and let us always take a stand against oppression in all of its forms.

Soweto: the Riots and the Fallout


Alex explores the historical context of the uprising, and looks at the tragic deaths of many young people harmed because of police brutality.

Soweto Uprising: A Literary Response

IMG_6436 (1)

Lauren examines the poem ‘Nothing’s Changed’, and looks at the impact of apartheid on the lives of those living through it.

Another Peaceful Protest That Got Out Of Hand


Joseph takes a look at the similarity between the London riots of 2011 and the Soweto uprising of 1976.

SOWETO UPRISING: The Importance of Discussion


Oisín puts forward the case of why we must continue to talk about history, in order to prevent it from repeating itself.

After The Soweto Uprising

we all bleed the same colour

Finally, Joseph takes a look at the main timeline of events between the uprising and the eventual end of apartheid in South Africa.