Spamming the Spammers

We’ve all had those calls. “You may have been mis-sold PPI and could be owed thousands”, and then we hang up.

Well, two men have seen the people’s frustration and have answered our prayers.

_90507468_sebastiannick (1)

Sebastian Thomas (left) and Nick Lindo (right), both 25 years old, advertised a PPI frustration hotline they have set up, where people could text in their complaints. The two friends set up a hotline from a phone they owned where dissatisfied citizens could vent their frustration toward PPI claims calls.

They advertised the number around London through posters and simply waited for texts to come rolling in.

They got over 50 responses in the first hour, from flabbergasted citizens, and compiled them into an eloquently worded letter, which they sent off to “15 or 20” PPI companies.

Here’s the letter they eventually sent out:



Bless these two men. May they never be spammed again.