Stand Up to Bullying

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22 October 2014

By Lauren H

According to ChildLine, 46% of young children say that they have been bullied at some point during their school lives. So, if you feel as though you’re alone then you’re certainly not! And, there’s always help out there if you need it.

Remember that bullying can come in all forms – it isn’t just physical. If you have been called cruel names for a long period of time, felt deliberately secluded from a group or even received nasty messages online, then this all counts. If it’s upsetting you then it’s undoubtedly unacceptable and something needs to be done about it.

If a bully is getting you down, don’t worry. The best thing you can do is let someone know about it – whether it’s a parent, teacher or even a friend, it will benefit you greatly to get it off your chest. If you’re worried about telling someone in case the bullying gets worse, then don’t be. As long as you tell someone that you trust then the matter will be resolved and the bully will be punished for his or her actions.

If you’re still worried about bullying then there are other ways you can relieve these concerns. You can always contact ChildLine (childline.org) or get some advice on bullying.co.uk – there is a lot of help out there, you just need to allow yourself to find it.

If you have a specific question you want answering, or a topic that you would like advice on, then don’t hesitate to contact B**P at lauren.h@nebeep.com– you can remain anonymous or we can publish your name, just let us know what you would prefer.

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