Star Wars Breaks Box Office

According to studio estimates at the weekend, Star Wars has taken $41.6m (£28.5m) in the US and Canada, and a sizeable $53m (£36m) from China’s box office last weekend.

It was anticipated that the film would do well in China on the opening weekend, and the IP’s owner, Disney, claimed it was “overwhelmed”.

Star Wars is coming exceedingly close to the top spot of the biggest film ever, including Titanic, which was released in 1997, and Avatar which has reigned supreme at number one since 2009. The reboot recently overtook Jurassic World after reaching just over £1.7b, and it would be fair to say that it may be in the running for Avatar’s spot.

The first Star Wars made a grand $775 million worldwide, and became the highest grossing film up until that point, but was then surpassed by E.T. in 1982.

The US box office at the moment stands with The Force Awakens at the top, followed (in order) by The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy; Daddy’s Home starring Will Ferrell, The Forest with Natalie Dormer, and finally Sisters, starring Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

The Force Awakens is the reboot we were all aching for, and has amazed critics and geeks alike all over the world.

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