Starting Monday Off Right

11 June 2018

By Alex Khalil

We don’t often start Mondays with anything positive so…here’s something that’s legitimately heart-warming.

Occasionally, your parent will do something incredible. Swatting a massive bug for you, shouting you a tenner to get through the week, or getting up on stage to dance next to you, to ease your discomfort for example.

Yes, father of three, Marc Daniels has won dad of the year in many a book after standing with his daughter on stage during a dress rehearsal at her dancing school.

Caught on camera, he decided to jump on stage, with his other daughter in arm and dance with her.

At the beginning of the video, Bella can be seen crying her eyes out and getting incredibly heated at the whole darn thing. Then, Daniels hops on stage, takes her hand and shows off some impressive leg skills of his own.

If this doesn’t make Monday a tad more bearable we have literally no help for you.

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