Valve, creators of Steam, the world’s most popular gaming store for PC, has added a new feature to help players crack down on fake or genuinely awful titles.

Totalbiscuit, YouTube’s go-to game critic, recently did a video after going to Valve HQ, and talked about the newest way to grade and critique games on Steam, by using the Explorer program.

The program is a sign up kind of deal, which would give you the chance to access exclusive forums, and have a hefty say in how a game is. It is a way to find hidden gems in release lists that may have been overshadowed by something bigger. Games that get decent Explorer scores will be pushed into the limelight a little more and ones that aren’t very good will be flagged by the Explorers, and looked into.

Those who opt in will be given a list of games that didn’t hit their targeted level of exposure after release, and test them and assess the gameplay of them.

It would definitely reduce the amount of awful or unrelated games you see in your Discovery queue, which is always good.

In other related news, Nier: Automata, the indefinable, meta-driven, existential crisis simulator has recently passed 1 million sales, which is pretty incredible. Square Enix announced the milestone today that the Platinum Games-developed RPG hack and slash/bullet-hell had passed 1 million units shipped across PC and PS4.

It was a great game with a bunch of really neat little ideas. Even if the story kind of blurred the more you played –partly because of tears… maybe.

Shut up, I’m allowed to have emotions.