Stickman Downhill

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22 November 2013

By Lauren H

Stickman Downhill, a gaming app available on IPhone, is number 3 on the free charts. On this app you can enjoy the thrill of downhill biking for hours on end, without getting tired like you would in reality!

To play this game, you tilt your screen to change the angle you are riding, and press to accelerate or brake. Generally, it is a pretty simple concept, but it can become quite addictive in time. The whole point in the game is to reach the finish line without falling off your bike. If you manage to do this, you will gain stars and eventually this will cause you to go up rankings, from beginner all the way to the most difficult level, called bone breaker. You can also compete with your friends and share videos of your gameplay with other people. I think that it is a lot of fun to play this game, as you are constantly trying to beat your previous score.

Although, I am aware that there are other apps very similar to this, such as Hill Climb Racing. So, it isn’t a unique idea. Moreover, even though every level is set in a different scene, the idea is pretty much the same, so it would most likely become boring after a while.

If you enjoy this kind of game then I would recommend downloading Stickman Downhill because it is clearly fun and the quality is very impressive. However, I think that there are other games currently available that wouldn’t become boring as quickly, so you may want to have a browse for those instead.



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