Summer travelling along North Coast 500

4 August 2021

By Josh P

With the continued complications of travel as a result of the ongoing pandemic, many people will likely be seeking alternative holidays this year. One suggestion which might be good for many people is Scotland’s North Coast 500.

What is the North Coast 500?

The NC500 is a tourist route starting at Inverness Castle which takes travellers on a 516-mile journey along the north coast of Scotland. The route is mapped out to include numerous tourist destinations.

The brilliance of the NC500 is that it’s open to interpretation by those who wish to embark on the route. While there is a set stretch of roads that encompass the journey, you can pick and choose which destinations to attend based on personal preference.

The route also has an appeal to different types of tourists, with numerous locations to stay in such as hotels, or plenty of space for campers to set up for the night along the coastline.

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This doubles as not only a good holidaying alternative, but also a great budget option for those wishing to get away for a break. The potential to avoid fees for hotels by utilising the freedom to wild camp in Scotland is certainly appealing to many travellers too.

With mountains, caves and vast lochs all to be found along the NC500, there is an extremely diverse range of different scenery along the route which means there really is something for everyone.

Additionally, as local hospitality and venues begin to open up once again in Scotland, places such as distilleries and heritage sites will start to provide visitors with fantastic new experiences.

With the ability to customise your route and experience, and the ability to choose between camping and staying in local accommodation, the NC500 provides a brilliant holiday alternative for a diverse range of people.

And now the recent boost in weather conditions in the UK has hit, perhaps the trip might even feel exotic…

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