A Sunday League footballer has been jailed for a year after he stamped on someone’s leg during a match.

Nathaniel Kerr, 24, pleaded guilty to assault for the “jump-type lunge” at Manchester Crown Court.

The attack’s victim, 30-year-old Stuart Parsons, spent six weeks on crutches and can no longer run even now, more than a year after the attack in Stockport. Mr Parsons told the court that he had “touched the ball only twice” before Kerr’s attack, which dislocated his ankle and broke it in two places.

The assault took place only two minutes into the first game of the season between Emigration FC and AFC Gold Cup last August.

PC Louise Spencer of Greater Manchester Police said that the injury meant that Mr Parsons could no longer continue in his occupation as a self-employed window cleaner and was forced to “rely upon the kindness of his team-mates, who arranged fundraisers … to provide the financial support he needed”.

She said that the successful prosecution showed that “aggression and thuggery” during sporting fixtures is not in any way acceptable.