After nearly three years, the 7-Day FPS challenge project that spawned in August 2013 has finally been released.

After a roaring kick starter success, it’s finally available on Steam!

The game is an FPS with a rather unique twist. When you stand still, so does everything else (or relatively). Bullets slow as you turn around to see who fired, and the set up is like a puzzle more than a shooter. You have to think.

Where are my nearest targets? Do I have a weapon? If so, how many bullets are left? Can I hot switch into an enemy and flank anyone?

You have an array of weaponry to choose from. You have: shotguns, which can fire twice but have a wide spread, allowing you to mow down more than one person at a time. The rifle, which fires four shots in a single burst, and (if timed perfectly) can potentially score four kills for one burst. You have your standard pistol, and a few melee weapons. The katana is particularly deadly.

The art style is very unique too. Which is odd, because it doesn’t really have one…

The settings are white-washed, and your player is a jet black colour. The enemies are red, and when they die, the break into crystals and dissolve.

No gore. No fancy kill moves. Just you, your brain and some well-executed plans.

The story mode is also rather unique. It begins with you learning the mechanics, and you have a pretend chat with a buddy online. But it becomes far more thriller-esque as it gets further and further into it. I completed the story within a few hours, but from there, endless and challenge modes are unlocked, allowing you to hone your skills and master the array of weapons given to you.

It’s a fantastic and interesting look at how the FPS genre could be changed and tinkered with. Definitely worth getting, but maybe wait for a sale, as £18.99 might put some people off.