Supermarket Snog

18 October 2014

By Lauren E. White

An unusual ‘kiss-in’ was held in a Brighton supermarket on Wednesday night after a lesbian couple were branded ‘disgusting’ after sharing a kiss in one of the aisles.

The couple were threatened with ejection after their kiss and the community surrounding the Sainsbury’s store in Brighton came out in force to show their support and disgrace with the supermarket chain. Crowds burst through the doors at 6.30 pm before two students, Luke Wassell and Lewis Jones,found themselves in the vegetable aisle.Though both are gay themselves, they’re just friends, and so “I guess I’ll have to kiss a vegetable,” said Wassell, “we’re definitely supposed to kiss something.”

It’s shocking to think that the two women were discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, but it has shed some light on the situation of LGBT rights as hundreds of people showed their support by joining the kiss-in. We were once a society who could not accept same-sex relationships, but with this event taking place in the city of Brighton, it shows that we must be moving forward in some ways.

One protester said that it was ‘ridiculous’ that this incident occurred in 2014 – especially in Britain’s most gay-friendly city. Even Sainsbury’s has apologized for the insensitive issue and said that it ‘should not have happened’. Too right.

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