SWISH Track List Released


Kanye has released the final track list for his upcoming album SWISH. Just after midnight on Sunday, Kanye took to Twitter to post the handwritten list, signed by Kylie Jenner, his sister-in-law. None of the singles from 2015 will be on the album, except for ‘Wolves feat. Sia and Vic Mensa’ which was previewed but never released. Recent tracks ‘Real Friends’ and ‘No More Parties in L.A. feat. Kendrick Lamar’ will be on SWISH, but the poorly received ‘Facts’ will not be. Kanye has no room for mediocre material, as the tweet accompanying the track list claims that SWISH will be the best album of all time.

Kanye maintains his characteristic ego, and although the tracks so far sound good, it is hard to believe that the album will be the “best of all time”. With just under two weeks until the release date, which is the 11th February, Kanye has officially finished the album and so the countdown until its release has begun. The picture of the track list is just below, so you can read (or at least try to read) the song names.

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