Review: The Brexit Storm

4 April 2019

By Lauren E. White


The Brexit process has caused an absolute storm in Parliament and across the whole country. But what’s it like being right at the heart of all the drama? BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg shows exactly what it’s like throughout her new feature programme The Brexit Storm: Laura Kuenssberg’s Inside Story.

Tracking through the past nine months of Brexit, this hour-long programme begins way back at Chequers when Theresa May presented the first version of her plan for Britain’s exit from the EU. From then on, we get to watch Brexit unfold all over again. Admittedly, this programme is not for the faint-hearted, or for those who are sick of hearing about Brexit. It’s for the political geeks for sure, but it’s also there for those who fancy a look back at everything that’s happened so far in an attempt to try and understand where it all went wrong.

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I have to say that Laura Kuenssberg isn’t my favourite politcal journalist and that I do much prefer ITV, however, in this programme, she does make one warm to her and for the first time that I have noticed, her political insights are especially astute and gripping to hear. Kuenssberg in this really does take you behind the Brexit process with previously unseen interviews with senior politicians such as Boris Johnson, as well as a look behind the scenes with Theresa May and what she’s really like as a person. It’s not just Kuenssberg I’ve warmed to, I will admit.

For anyone interested in the workings of high-paced journalism, this is a good insight, though not the best I’ve seen. It’s interesting, and it’s exciting to watch Brexit through the eyes of a journalist like Kuenssberg, so, if that’s what you’re into, give The Brexit Storm a watch.

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