‘Crashing’ TV Review

Crashing is the Channel Four sitcom written by and staring Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag), which follows six twenty-somethings and their life as ‘property guardians’ in a disused hospital. It is hard-hitting and hilarious (much like Fleabag), with Waller-Bridge showing yet again an amazing display of wit and the ability to write superbly funny characters who are endearing without being corny – something often missing from sitcoms.

Waller-Bridge’s strikingly original comedies are a testament to women in comedy and their huge and varied skill set, as well as being incredibly refreshing. Crashing also hits brilliantly what Four has always been good at; the channel yet again showing itself to be the king of new comedy and giving the likes of BBC a run for their money. It doesn’t have the same biting darkness behind it as we saw in Fleabag, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it seems to be almost something of a different breed of the same monster, hitting different notes and it has an overall quite different tone, but the undercurrent is still there, only with a touch more sunshine. Laugh out loud funny and painfully well made, the whole series can be found on 4OD, and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Fleabag or who fancies something new.