‘Talking Not The Answer’

Concerns rise internationally over North Korea’s continued nuclear testing. As shown in a recent photo, taken as Kim Jong-un watches a missile launch, the leader looks increasingly like a man in the midst of a nervous breakdown, reflected in the screaming eyes of the hysterical generals around him.

Luckily, the North Korean leader’s US counterpart, Donald Trump, seems to have a firm grip on the situation. The President recently tweeted that ‘talking is not the answer’ regarding the situation, and it can only be presumed he intends to send Kim Jong-un a nice gift basket.

Very little progress has been made since fears began their terrible escalation last month. Indeed if you were to draw a line graph of the progress made during the last 30 days, the gradient of the line representing progress, you might actually find that line had a slight downward slope. You could then draw a second line (colour coded) representing an escalation of fears, which would inevitably follow a sharp incline. Needless to say, it doesn’t look good.

After an emergency meeting called as a result of a missile passing over Japan, the UN has demanded North Korea halt its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes, as well as reminding them they’ve already received one written warning and they don’t want another. The UN seems to be doing a lot of talking to make up for the lack of talking Donald Trump wants to do, but that is not by any means a bad thing.