Tapes have emerged of Donald Trump making misogynistic comments and speaking crudely about his sexual encounters and relationship with his wife Melania. He stated 35 is ‘checkout time’ for women, and engaged in conversation about his daughter’s ‘voluptuous’ breasts. He also managed to combine both sexism and racism in one simple statement, saying “It depends what your definition of black is” when asked whether he would have sex with a black woman.

In defence of his comments, he has stated it is intended as ‘banter’ and meant to entertain, and therefore does not reflect his love and respect for women. So much is clear, since neither love nor respect seemed very high on Trump’s agenda when he made any of the dozens of misogynistic comments caught on tape, and it makes one wonder if this love and respect would be more apparent in his policies. One is doubtful.

Reading the comments it is impossible to believe this is a man people consider intelligent enough to potentially be the leader of the free world. Indeed, the comments are one thing; the lack of professionalism is another. Unfortunately, there can be little doubt that there are men in positions of power all over the world who share these opinions and worse, and it highlights Trump’s blatant stupidity as he fails to disguise or deny it as they do. There are lots of horrible people who get away with being horrible because they know how to pretend they’re nice. But here we have a specimen of pure, unadulterated unpleasantness and idiocy staring us in the face, and yet huge numbers of people are unmoved against it.

This single, horrifying truth has underlined the entire Trump campaign. Trump’s supporters either can’t see his lack of respect for the people he would, if elected, be representing, or else they simply don’t care. The latter seems impossible, in which case how have we, as a society, devolved to the point where such a detestable figure blends in, or seems a preferable alternative to his opponents. I am not surprised by the comments, and it is not Trump I am afraid of. It’s the people voting for him, those masses who don’t, or can’t, see his behaviour for what it is: vile.