Taylor Swift Announces New Album

19 August 2014

By Yasmine

During a live stream online, Taylor Swift announced the name of her new album, 1989The Grammy award winning pop star is set to release her fifth studio album in October, which will be the singer’s first official pop album.

The first single to be released from the studio offering will be ‘Shake it off’. The album is heavily influenced by the 1980’s and is named after the year the ‘Love Story’ singer was born.

The 24 year old said she wanted to create a sound unlike anything she had done before, she also admitted she had been working on the album for two years, saying ‘I like to work on an album for two years because I feel like two years gives you enough time to grow and change’. Taylor also revealed that the LP has three bonus tracks which are just voice memos on her phone, to give fans an insight into song writing and how a track is produced from start to finish.

The ‘Trouble’ singer is already one of the bestselling artists of all time, her four albums have won her seven Grammy awards and she has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.


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