Taylor Takes on Eminem

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13 November 2013

By Bronwen

2002 Eminem song ‘Lose Yourself’ was recently murdered by popular country artist Taylor Swift.

Swift has had her share of great songs but her vocal ability did not stretch to rapping, especially not to the high standard that Eminem has set.

The King of Rap released this song for about a year but then he unreleased it in order to improve it. This song is featured in his highly acclaimed movie ‘8 mile’ and won an Oscar for Best Song from a Movie, yet it was so mercilessly covered by Swift, who basically shouted the words without the emotion that was necessary to create the atmosphere Slim Shady intended this song to have when listened to. I wonder how he will feel when hearing this cover…

I enjoy music from both Taylor Swift and Eminem, but when the two so different artists clash, catastrophic things happen and songs are ruined.

Maybe if Eminem covered ‘Safe and Sound’, it would be equally as awful as Taylor’s attempt at ‘Lose Yourself’…



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