Teenage Mums Still Face Abuse

27 February 2014

By Yasmine

Teenage pregnancy is at an all-time low since records began but teenage mums still face verbal abuse and shame. According to the charity Gingerbread, young mums have said they have been verbally abused by strangers, which has left them feeling embarrassed and isolated.

Some young mothers have stated that whilst they were pregnant, they were pointed at and shouted at by strangers in the street, making them feel victimised. A few young mums have admitted to not wanting to leave the house because they want to avoid the abuse and unwanted attention.

A young mum confessed that whilst on a bus, someone came up to her and asked her if she was on benefits, although she has a job and goes to college. One young mother told Gingerbread that she had been branded ‘disgusting for having a baby’.

The latest figures have shown that in England, teenage pregnancy has fallen by 8%in the last year but yet people are still happy to ridicule those who may facing some of the hardest decisions of their lives.



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