Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Norway

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22 September 2021

By Josh P

Norway is one of the many beautiful Scandinavian countries. From beautiful scenery to its rich historic past, this article aims to bring you ten things you didn’t know about the country.

10. Working hours

In Norway, employees are expected to work for considerably less time per week than in other nations.

The average working week for Norwegians comes in at around 27 hours. Despite this, the country is still ranked number two in the world for productivity.

9. Sovereign wealth fund

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund provides residents of the country with a great deal of wealth growth. In the opening half of 2021, the fund returned 9.4%. This wealth earning is largely boosted by oil company investments.

8. Sushi specialists

In what may be a massive shock, Norway was responsible for introducing salmon to the Japanese sushi market. In order to sell a large amount of farmed salmon, Norway spent years convincing the Japanese to use the salmon for sushi.

Japan eventually agreed in the ’90s and the rest is history.

7. Coffee consumption

Norwegians consume one of the highest amounts of coffee in the world per capita. The country consumes 21.82lbs per capita. The only country to out-consume them is Finland, which comes in at a whopping 26.45lbs per capita.

6. Where Vikings came from

Although the Vikings did technically originate in Norway, the title of home of the Vikings is actually also shared by Denmark and Sweden. These countries, however, were not the unified nations they are today.

5. Longest road tunnel

Norway is home to the largest road tunnel on earth. The Lærdal tunnel stretches 24.5km and is filled with beautiful lighting displays throughout its stretch.

4. Happiest place on earth

While the number one spot fluctuates, Norway is certainly considered to be one of the happiest places on Earth. In 2017, Norway claimed the number one spot on the United Nations agency report.

3. European Union

Despite its geographical position, Norway is not a member of the European Union. The country has held multiple referendums on EU membership, the most recent of which (1994) concluding with a 52.2% no vote.

2. Polar bears

Norway’s conditions in the north of the country provide a hospitable climate for wild polar bears. The animals can be found in Svalbard and surrounding areas.

1. Knighted penguin

In 2008, Norway knighted an Edinburgh zoo penguin.

As an honorary member of the king’s guard, Brig Sir Nils Olav is tasked with inspecting the soldiers whenever they visit Edinburgh.

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