Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Singapore

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5 October 2021

By Josh P

One of the wealthiest nations on Earth, Singapore is known for being a beautiful and luxurious place to visit.

This list showcases ten things you didn’t know about the nation.

10. Is it country?

Singapore is one of the most confusing nations in terms of how to identify it. While it is considered to be a country, it is also considered to be a city-state.

Singapore was formerly a part of Britain’s colony of Malaysia, before breaking off in 1965 to form the Republic of Singapore.

9. Night racing

Singapore is home to the world’s first Formula 1 night race.

Known for being one of the most exciting races on the Formula 1 calendar, this Grand Prix started in 2008.

8. Waterfalls

Despite having no natural waterfalls, Singapore is full of many beautiful man-made waterfalls. These waterfalls include The Rain Vortex, the biggest indoor waterfall on the planet.

7. Many islands

Alongside the main landmass of the nation, the country also has numerous other islands. There are around 63 islands that make up Singapore (including the main island). Many of these islands, however, are uninhabited.

6. Size

Singapore is among the tiniest countries on the planet, coming in as the 20th smallest country with a size of 726km².

The country is beaten out by other small nations such as the Vatican and Monaco.

5. Skyscrapers

While Singapore is home to some of the world’s most beautiful architecture, there is actually a limit on how tall they can build their skyscrapers. As part of the nation’s air traffic control, buildings can only reach 280m in height.

4. National language

Though many of the natives are fluent in multiple languages, the national language is Malay. Singaporeans also often speak English and a dialect of English known as Singlish.

3. Ideals

The Singaporean flag actually represents the core ideals of the nation. The five stars on the flag each represent one of the nation’s ideals:  democracy, peace, progress, justice, and equality.

2. Lightning city

Singapore is known to be the lightning capital of the world. The frequency of the weather event is one of the highest in the world, with approximately 168 thunderstorm days per year.

1. Singlish crossover

While Singlish is considered to be the unofficial dialect of many Singaporeans, did you know that some of this language has crossed into the true English language? 27 Singlish words have made it into the Oxford Dictionary, including ‘lah’ and ‘sinseh’.

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