That Awkward Moment Movie Review

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3 May 2014

By Lauren H

From the offset, it was clear that That Awkward Moment was going to be a hit, with Zac Efron starring as the lead character, Jason. This is a film about a group of men who society have grown to hate – the type who only want a fling with no romantic attachment. So, how come this storyline captures the heart of the viewers?

That Awkward Moment is about a group of men forming a pact to stay single, in order to support their friend with his recent breakup. However, it soon becomes clear that none of them are able to maintain their status as ‘players’ when each falls for an unsuspecting girl.

This is definitely a film with a real, modern storyline attached. In the 21st century, casual relationships are not uncommon and it’s normal for women to have a particular view towards men. However, with any romantic comedy, the boy always gets the girl – which is probably why women enjoy watching them so much. So, it’s only natural that this film follows the same path.

There are parts of this film that are ridiculously cliché, but somehow manage to be romantic and pleasing too. Miles Teller certainly adds to the humour throughout the plot, with a natural flare for comedy, along with Michael B. Jordan playing a character who can be particularly feminine at times. Although a romantic comedy, it is only fair to say that there is more romance than comedy, which for some may be a positive, and others merely a disappointment. Overall, for its genre, this is an enjoyable film that many viewers would love to watch (especially with the involvement of a naked Zac Efron)!



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