The Aftermath

30 November 2014

By Yasmine

Black Friday started out in the United States and is an annual event the day following Thanksgiving Day. It is regarded as the official start of the Christmas shopping season because of its crazy prices, so basically, it’s like Boxing Day but a little more brutal.

The UK have adopted Black Friday with Asda taking the plunge last year being that they are owned by American retail giant Walmart. This year, stores such as Tesco and Argos have adopted Black Friday as a way of making more money in the build up to Christmas. Tesco Extra stores opened their doors at 12:01am to let eager customers grab a discount. Police officers were on standby at every store to make sure barmey buyers kept the peace.

Videos are now surfacing online of shoppers being physically violent and shouting abuse at each other over items such as plasma TVs, headphones, hoovers and tablets. Many people were left disappointed whereas people who bagged themselves a bargain had a smug look about them.


Below is video footage from a Tesco store in Balckppol where plasma TVs were in demand. But seriously, are we the only ones who have never heard of Blaupunkt?

Who said a little retail therapy won’t hurt?

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