On the 26th of this month, Birds Eye’s fish fingers will turn 60 years old and so here at b**p, we’ve decided to give you the lowdown on the teatime dish that keeps on giving.

Introduced in 1955  by Clarence Birdseye, the fish finger has became a family favourite over the years and has changed the way of food ever since. Birdseye’s most famous creation now comes in six different varieties: wholegrain fish fingers, cod fillet fish fingers, fish fingers in crispy batter, haddock fish fingers, value fish fingers and Omega 3 fish fingers – there’s something for everyone!

While some reviews of the cod fish finger have been slightly underwhelming (“more crumb than cod”, “breadsticks with a hint of fish”), the cod and haddock range have been awarded the sustainable fishing certification from the Marine Stewardship Council. The MSC certification means the fishery has demonstrated that it is well-managed and sustainable, through a comprehensive, independent scientific assessment and it also brings ecological awareness right to the captain’s table.

Perhaps one of the most amazingly bizarre things that people have done with the fish finger took place on Monday, when a Michelin Star chef, Graham Campbell, made a gourmet fish finger sandwich to show the potential contained inside of that breaded sliver of fish.

My personal favourite range of fish finger has to be the cod one. At £3 for a packet of twenty (ASDA), the price is mid-range when compared to the cheaper haddock fingers (£2.75) and the pricey Omega 3 fish fingers that come in at a whopping £3.98. The cod fish finger is no doubt the nicest served with beans or spaghetti hoops and chips (preferably McCain), making a simple yet filling dish for a Monday night after school.

Whether you’re an Omega 3, haddock or cod (like me) fish finger lover, it doesn’t really matter. The 60-year-old family favourite has revolutionised teatimes around the country and we all love Birds Eye fish fingers from time to time. One thing that must be said, though, is that Birds Eye fish fingers are incomparable with other brands. Nothing comes close. They’re quick, easy and relatively cheap – what’s not to love?