The Blaydon Race

11 June 2014

By Yasmine

The Blaydon Race took place on monday night with over 4000 entrants running with different abilities. The Blaydon Race started in 1981, and only attracted around 250 entries. The Blaydon Race always takes place on the 9th June each year.

The race was created because of the song ‘Blaydon Races’ which is known as the National Anthem of Tyneside. The track was created back in 1862 to describe what the travellers did to see the Blaydon Horse races.

It was a hot night for all the runners last night and many people were out to greet and cheer the runners on. Family members of the runners were waiting at the finish line to congratulate them. The fastest runner this year finished with a very good time of 26:34. The fastest recorded time was by Patrick Makau, who finished the race in 26 minutes and 13 seconds in 2006.

Well done to all who took part.

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